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Dutch Filmmakers based in The Hague sparking dialogue

Broadened by research and enriched by nuance.

De Lichtjagers create an equal playing field in which a good idea grows into a full-fledged film or video production that sparks dialogue. A dialogue that moves, clarifies or maybe even confuses and at the same time is relevant, connecting and surprising.
Together, we make stories that you share and remember.

Reliable, clear and surprising thinkers and (film - video) makers. Well..that's how our clients characterise us.

How to set up a film / video production to strengthening relationships?

We guide you to a refreshing and appealing transition. So that your (short) documentary or video enriches and connects to you audience.

In our approach, we involve you as much as possible in the basis of each production. You with your knowledge of your organisation and your goals in mind, we with our knowledge of beautiful productions for knowledge sharing or influencing behaviour. We like to ask questions and try to be even better listeners.

An equal relationship with our clients is the best basis for a good editorial and creative process. We feel at home among critical professionals who sometimes dare to leave the beaten track.

We are all under the spell of stories. Stories give life meaning. Literally, because without stories the world is a mass of unrelated details.'
Errol Morris. Documentary filmmaker and Oscar winner.


De Lichtjagers is a team of filmmaker specialists with an extensive background in storytelling and video film production. 

Each Lichtjager has a unique mix of experience, knowledge and its own field of interest. For every project we look at what knowledge and skills you need so that we can put together a team that works for your project. From idea to first version: from the beginning of the production until the delivery, we work together in a small (core) team. Our goal? That a good idea grows into a full-fledged film or video production that triggers dialogue.

Our approach and working method is appreciated by TU Delft, TU Delft Career & Counselling Services, Dutch Design Week, Kennispoort Verloskunde, ASML, Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG), Leiden University, the European Hematology Association (EHA), Amnesty International, and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM).

Some of our activities and roles:

  •    Producer and format developer: advice and consultation for the content development of format and choices in visual language.

  •    Interview and direction: preliminary interviews are the basis for the script and the storyline.

  •    Production consultation on execution and coordination of source selection.

  •    Post-production, production, editing and delivery of the final product. Including making edit locks for social media and delivery to broadcast stations and Public Broadcasting agencies, like NPO, if applicable.

De Lichtjagers can help you to find out how to provide information films and other productions (lecture series, podcasts, webinars, presentations) with the necessary data so that your story is also properly shared online.