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How to visualize your goals with visual storytelling? Insight through experience

Insight through experience. Our four pillars of film production by De Lichtjagers filmmakers. 

The flash of inspiration that sparked your organisation or business? Do you still remember that "Aha!" moment? The Lichtjagers know how to capture that moment. 

Making bold decisions is at the core of filmmaking. Based on years of practical experience, interviews with clients and feedback sessions, we have developed four pillars for film production. To clarify your goal, we measure your question against our yardstick. The result is a coherent and honest film project. Our pillars:


1. Curiosity.

What is more fun than discovery?

To create images with solid visual consistency, we listen to your story and ask thought-provoking questions. We can then visualize your story and ensure that it is understood.

2. Conscientious.

As a professional, you have an impact. We are aware of our and your ethical responsibilities and what this can mean for an organisation. At all times.
This requires an environment where everyone involved feels safe and where your film project is carried out with the utmost care. Integrity and dedication.

3. Creativity.

Your "Aha!" moment combined with the power of professionally trained thinkers (lateral, design and visual thinking) creates a clear approach and vision. By connecting left and right brains with you, we make sense of the world. 

4. Collaboration

Sharing is multiplying. Together we work on the content and form that captures your moment of inspiration. You have wishes, we make choices together. The result is a visualisation of your "Aha!" moment that inspires action.

You work with eagle-eyed storytellers who give you practical advice and can visualize your goals with film. Courageous, decisive, and thoughtful.

What are your current challenges? Turn to De Lichtjagers Filmmakers to bring your "Aha!" moment to life.