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What are the advantages of a corporate trailer in communication and strategy issues?

With a film trailer, the audience is compelled to create a mental image of the film based upon only a few fragments shown in the preview. Their production relies on many different subjective factors, and that's the best way to get viewers excited about upcoming films. 

154 college students were surveyed about the effectiveness of film trailers for a study that investigated the effect they had on them. According to the survey, 99% of respondents have seen a movie trailer before, and 96% believe that movie trailers are an effective way to market new movies. In addition, 76% of responding college students said they had seen between 4 and 10 movies in the past year.
Among the students surveyed, 76% agreed that the more familiar they were with the factors shown in the trailer, such as the plot, the music, the actors, etc., the more likely they would be to attend a movie showing. The film's plot was the most compelling reason to view the film, while its actors were a distant second. According to the survey, 79% of respondents would choose to see the movie based on its plot, while only 13% would choose based on the actor's presence in the film.
Trailers provide a rich source of information.

The creation of a good 'short-version' of your film or video production is complex and involves a lot of strategies and visual assets. 




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