Linda Glebbeek

Deelgenoot De Lichtjagers

Uitvoerend producent (filmconcept en productie). Linda is nauw betrokken bij de films die we sinds de oprichting voor onze opdrachtgevers maken. 


Climate Action research programme. Film with a concise and powerful message.

Climate Action research programme. Show the urgency of climate change using immersive storytelling and filmmaking.


Through listening and filmmaking, employees give feedback and share personal insights.

Continuous Employee Listening by using the narrative of film. Thought-provoking conversations about transferable skills, creativity, resilience and resourcefulness of TU Delft teaching staff portrayed.


Film interview met Jonas Teuwen

In high school Jonas Teuwen (alumnus TU Delft) was terrible at math. But he ultimately graduated in Mathematics at TU Delft. His fascination came from the drive to understand.


Studying with a functional disability

TU Delft. Studying with a functional disability...