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De kracht van een korte film in wetenschapscommunicatie


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Content creation for clear science communication. Impact for a better society.

This short story is told by Miro Zeman and is in line with the mission of TU Delft: Impact for a better society. It is a nice insight into the world of a committed scientist, who does not shy away from keeping a low profile. Through his work, Zeman hopes to contribute to a sustainable and better future with the help of the sun. From the fire of Prometheus to the power of the sun for a sustainable future.

About scientist Miro Zeman:

Prof. Dr. ir. Miroslav Zeman was born in Slovakia in 1957. He graduated in materials sciences from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava in 1981. In 1989 he received his PhD from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava for research into material structures for electronics based on hydrogenated amorphous silicon. In 1989 he became a member of the solar cell group at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands



Doel van het project


Informeer studenten met een functiebeperking in deze serie films over mogelijke oplossingen én beschikbare hulpbronnen binnen TU Delft.


Huidige én potentiële studenten van TU Delft


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