unlocking the mind

UNLOCKING THE MIND is all about reconstructing the narrative of your career story .

In the spirit of sharing remarkable career stories, TU Delft / Career and Counselling Services teamed up with documentary filmmakers De Lichtjagers. They brought a new way of making eye-contact to our studio and created a career story episode called Unlocking the Mind. This way we were able to create thought-provoking conversations about creativity, resilience and ingenuity provided by the teaching staff of TU Delft.

What is the magic of De Lichtjagers creative filmmakers based in The Hague, The Netherlands?

We try to create an environment in which we become a family member or trusted friend. To be a good listener. That means someone who listens to you and helps you say more, rather than piping up about their life and breaking your train of thought. This means we listen “for” the story not “to” the story.” We believe deeply in the “unthought known” – what people know but just haven’t expressed yet. You can discover what you know if you keep on playing back the story. We basically deconstruct your previous narrative by unlocking your mind. A rewarding experience!

Wilt u meer weten over dit onderwerp of weten wat wij voor u of uw organisatie kunnen betekenen?

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Carrièreverhalen in de Unlocking series. Een uur lang jezelf zijn.

Een webdocumentaire waarin de human interest narratief als krachtig terugkoppeling (feedback) instrument wordt ingezet en onderling begrip verbetert en besluitvorming duiding geeft.