So I applied for the TRTH program

because my Division Chairs for
both hematology and oncology,

encouraged us to apply,

and said it was a fabulous experience.

- So I applied for the TRTH program,

not because I'm an excellent researcher,

but because I'm a researcher
interested in research.

I knew that it would be
with different scholars

from different countries,

which was very exciting for me,

but also that it would be with mentorship

from leaders in the field
of hematology and oncology,

which was really attractive to me.

- Coming from a small country
as Denmark it would benefit me

a lot to get this international experience

and see how do they do it,
and what is the normal procedure,

and how do they do in other countries.

- First of all, I think it's
a very prestigious program.

You get like 15-20,

PI's from all over the world.

You get all the attention that you want,

both on your project but also
on your career development.

And you can get amazing
advice on both things.

- I was just very challenged this week,
in a good way by the faculty
here, by the other scholars,

who had very good questions
for me about my project,
about the premise of the project,

and also whether I would be
able to defend my project.

- The first thing that we
do is we present our work

to the large group on the first
day and then we meet daily

in small groups and sort
of every part of your work

gets dissected and critiqued.
And it can be hard to hear

and you really have to be
vulnerable and open to that critique.

You then have the opportunity
to meet with faculty, one on one,

and then other small groups
to improve everything.

And I just came from giving
a practice presentation
that was completely different

from the one I gave on Saturday
and I think much stronger,

and will improve my
chances of getting funding for the project.

If I had advice to give
to any future applicants,

I would say definitely
apply and don't think

that you're not qualified.

Spring course Translational Research Training in Hematology

EHA (European Hematology Association) en hun Amerikaanse partner ASH (American Society of Hematology) willen stilstaan bij het tienjarig jubileum van de TRTH Spring Course (Translational Research Training in Hematology). De grondleggers van dit programma, een aantal studenten uit de meest recente lichting en een alumnus vertellen wat de kracht is van dit programma. Hoe een opleiding bijdraagt aan de ontwikkeling van veelbelovende artsen en onderzoekers.

Interview op locatie voor medische educatie


Overzicht van de locatie waar we de medische educatie films hebben opgenomen voor EHA


Interview met een van mentoren die uitleg geeft hoe het programma eruit ziet en wat de voordelen zijn



Wilt u meer weten over dit project of weten wat wij voor u of uw organisatie kunnen betekenen?

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